Thursday, 17 January 2013

New Years Resolutions 2013...

I make resolutions at the start of every year, and although I dont think I have ever gone a whole year sticking to one, I love the satisfaction of sticking to them for the first few weeks, sometimes months.

This year I've made 2 realistic resolutions that i really hope I can stick to, they are:

1- Save more money.  I am awful at saving money and working part-time in retail I'm obviously not made of money, but for the last few months pretty much all of my money has gone on new clothes, shoes and make-up, most of which I didn't need. Saving for the future will be much more beneficial than buying endless amounts of clothes and make-up (atleast, I'm trying to tell myself this).

2- Eat healthier and exercise more. I have never been a big eater or exerciser, but after a bit too much chocolate around christmas I am more motivated than ever to tone up. Going to the gym is my idea of hell so I'll be relying on Jillian Michaels '30 day shred' and my trusty rowing machine to get me a bikini bod.